Bookings and Cancellations

All new visits must be scheduled using the contact form provided on my website. A well-written and respectful introduction is endearing and can help establish our connection.

I lead an engaging day-to-day life; therefore, I do not book same day interviews or visits. When selecting your preferred date, take note that I require a minimum of 24 hours notice to arrange an interview, which is your required first visit. Once we have gotten to know each other a visit of your choosing can be scheduled. I prefer to book our visits days or even weeks in advance, but can be flexible in certain circumstances. Please be sure to carefully review your calendar; this will help prevent any scheduling mishaps. If your life and schedule regularly encounter inconsistency, sudden, or last minute changes, then we are likely not a good fit. Please refer to the cancellation and rescheduling fees outlined below.

Respect my time, and our time. Please arrive at the appointed start time for your visit. I expect promptness, both in arrival and in parting. Overzealously early visitors will have to wait, perhaps searching out a coffeehouse and returning with tea, made just the way I like it.

Visits can be rescheduled or cancelled up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled visit. A rebooking of a scheduled visit with less than 24 hours notice will demand a fee of 50% of the visit’s tribute. Life is full of surprises and in the case of unexpected events, or emergencies, other arrangements can be made. If a cancellation is absolutely necessary, provide as much notice as possible with a date and time request for rescheduling.

I do request a deposit for our visits, which will be privately discussed through email. I expect this policy to be respected. Visits will be reserved for you and a finalized upon receipt of the deposit.

I always expect you to confirm your visit with me a minimum of 2 hours prior to its’ start time.

A cancellation fee of 100% of the visit’s tribute would be due to a cancellation with less than 24 hours notice, or a no-show.

*Deposits and tributes are listed in CAD, non-negotiable, and non-refundable. USD will be taken on par.

Rules of Order

I do not provide full service; no exceptions.

Do respect my boundaries and limitations. I do respect yours. No means no whether it is you who is speaking it or I. Respect the use of a chosen safe word. Safe words are in place to protect everyone during a visit.

Do have open, honest, and clear communication at all times. From the moment you fill out the contact form, to when you are communicating with me over any platform, and absolutely when you are in my presence, I require clear communication. I am exceptionally intuitive and can read body language well, but would rather not guess as to your thoughts.

Do ask questions; it’s part of open, honest and clear communication. No question is a dumb question; it is an informed answer waiting to happen. I am a deep well of knowledge and will share that knowledge with you.

Do be clean and well groomed upon arrival for our visit. Being showered, brushed, shaved and well-kept will begin our visit straightaway. If I feel you have neglected some aspect of your hygiene I will ask that you use the facilities to amend that faux pas.

Do present your tribute as you arrive to our visit. A card, unsealed envelope, or gift bag should be placed in plain view. In the instance of a public encounter any one of the aforementioned items may be discreetly passed to me.

Do not use heavily scented lotions, perfumes, colognes, or smell of cigarette during our visit. I do not enjoy strong scents and am very sensitive to cigarettes. Your natural body scent, and lightly scented natural products are acceptable.

Do not take pictures, audio, or video recordings at any time during our visits. This is a serious breach of privacy and the visit will be terminated immediately. You will not be welcome back.

Do not approach me in a public space unless I am clearly without a companion. I respect your privacy both during and outside of our visits and expect that you respect mine.

I do not offer illegal, permanently harmful or non-consensual activities. No Exceptions. Activities that may result in injury or permanent marks will not be indulged. Neither will the use of drugs or heavy alcohol consumption during a visit.

“It had been a while since submitting myself to You. I found it hard to focus at first, as You know, but we were able to laugh together about it which made it fine and helped me focus. When You were behind me, sadistically squeezing and prodding, moving and pressing, changing sensation from sadistic to light, it was wonderful. You always checked in and noted my reactions. I felt listened to, respected, and cared for. Thank You.”