Meet Your Mx

I have been described as a Fascinatrix; a dominatrix of a different kind. My presence is fierce, strong, alluring, and intoxicating. Our visits can be playful, cathartic, sadistic, predicament oriented, or artistic – so much of it depends on our connection and what a creative mind can dream up.

I am an accomplished purveyor of the depraved desires you hold deep in your heart. Making those imaginings a reality fuels my fervour for this craft. I have always had a taste for adventure and an inquisitive mind. Saying that an alternative lifestyle was alluring to me at a young age is an understatement.

Throughout my journey in kink I immersed myself in experiences and education. I am actively involved in the local kink community now as both a participant and an educator. Sharing what I love with others is a passion that cannot be contained. I find joy in facilitating the odyssey that people embark upon in finding their unique kink. It is with this presence of mind that I bring the same intention to our visits.

My particular specialization is edge play; do you dare to play in the darkest corridors of your psyche? If you do meet me in this space I will honour your trust and ensure that you enjoy the depths to which we can travel. As a sadistic, reward based dominant I like to create challenges. Seeing people succeed through them pleases me. Safety is always paramount and as such I have years of experience to ensure my practices are just that. You will find your sessions with me are creative yet intense, and always fulfilling.

No matter your gender, or proclivities, and whether you are fresh and exploring, or seasoned and experienced, know that you will leave my presence captivated by my commanding yet grounded character; your senses scintillated by the devastating pleasures I have granted you.

Connecting with me is simple and can be done through the contact form. Be respectful and polite. Manners are a requirement. I look forward to sharing time together.

“Mistress Sharpe is a master of her trade. From the careful consideration to the outfit that will have the most dramatic effect, to the feline way with which she moves her body, to the words that leave her lips, she is an intoxicating force. Never mistake the ready smile for kindness; she is hunting you like prey. She has an instinctive way of knowing where your limits are and flirts with that line for the entire time you are in her grip. Mistress Sharpe will scare you, titillate you and ensure that you come back time and time again”.